The ALTEN Group

ALTEN - Partener tehnologic pentru toate sectoarele de activitate, cu o capacitate de a dezvolta atât soluții tehnologice, cât și metodologice.

Key elements

Proven position in the field of technology

21,300 IT specialists and engineers in 20 countries, more than half of them working outside of France.
A technical team 100% involved in the design and conception stages of each project.

Divers offer

Technical consultancy and working process management.
A world leader in Engineering and Technical Consultancy (ICT), ALTEN executes engineering and development projects for large industrial clients in the field of telecommunications and the tertiary domain.

A company focused on executing structured projects.

Mature execution methodologies, CMMI assessed as level 3.
Specialised offer:  implementing specific expertise during other stages of the development cycle (PMO, industrial processes, technical documentation, training, etc.)

A global presence

Founded in 1988 in France, the ALTEN Group is currently present in 20 countries and, in 2016, it recorded a turnover of 1,748.30 million euro, while employing 24,000 collaborators, 21,300 of whom were highly qualified IT specialists and engineers.  

 A balanced split between sectors
A technological partner for all business sectors, with a high capacity to build both technological and methodological solutions.

Driven and well developed recruiting processes
2,700 IT specialists and engineers recruited in 2016

A professional track that encourages excellence
Investments made in the development of technical abilities, expert knowledge and management skills.

ALTEN Position

ALTEN Group’s strategic position is based on:
Its business offer: technical consultancy, project management, studies and conception.
All the projects developed in partnership with ALTEN are executed by highly qualified IT specialists and engineers.
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OREGON Park, Pipera Street 46D-46E-48, B Building, 5th floor, district 2, postal code 020309
Tel: +40 (0)21 409 58 00
Fax:+40 (0)21 233 19 11

TIMISOARA – Building 3 E, Street Coriolan Brediceanu no. 10/E, Mezzanine Floor, Office E.M.2 , Timisoara, Timis County, Postal Code 300011

SIBIU – Constantin Noica Street, no. 54, 2nd Floor
Phone: +40 (0)369 435 671

IASI - ALTEN Delivery Center Iasi 54 Rue Mitropolit Varlaam NBC, 8th floor Romania
Tel. : +40 (0) 372 40 14 67

PITESTI - Banu Maracine Street,  no 1, Pitesti, Arges County, postal code 110194
Phone: +40 (0) 248 223 182

CRAIOVA - Ion Maiorescu Street no. 4, PROIECT CRAIOVA Building, B Building, 6th Floor, Craiova, Dolj County, postal code 200760
Phone: +40 (0)251 417 741

CLUJ-NAPOCA – Cotita Street no. 9, Co-working Silicon Forest, Cluj-Napoca, Cluj County, postal code 400104

CUI 7012150