Case study - HiL

Case study - HiL

With HIL, our client benefits from fast ramp-up, cost optimization and a team that works remote to create a safer and cheaper way to test new vehicles.

The Client:

Our client is the one of the largest automotive manufacturers in the world. The company is renowned for its revolutionary design, for its many technological advances (especially on electrical vehicles) and engines used in sports competitions.  
Apart from this, our client established himself as leader in the low cost/ small vehicles range, hence the need to find ways to reduce the cost of making a vehicle while increasing the production capacity and increasing the speed to market.

Our mission 

HARDWARE IN THE LOOP (HiL) is a revolutionary SW testing technology that allows the engineer to test a control unit without having the whole environment needed.  
In the case of our client, HiL is used to avoid early testing with the Engine Control Unit SW on a real engine/vehicle, by replacing the real part with a virtual one. Specifically, instead of an engine/ vehicle, a simulator is connected to the control unit. On the simulator, there is a mathematical model of the engine/ vehicle that behaves as close as possible to the real environment.  
The virtual model makes the analysis part, while the simulator generates and interprets signals acting as an interface between the real part (the control unit) and the virtual part (the model).  
The HiL center in Romania is the only one our client has. It has 27 simulators and a team of 16 people that develop/ assure support for the engineers that perform the validations as these validations are performed remotely from all over the world (France, India, Brazil, Spain, South Korea etc.)
ALTEN Romania has 8 engineers on this activity, 4 developing the model and 4 acting as level 1 support.
Some of the features / functions that are validated ONLY on HiL:
  • Start/ Stop function
  • Cruise-control/ Speed limiter
  • Remote Engine Start  
  • CAN network
Thus, HIL allows the validator to test the SW before having the actual car, making it more cost effective and also allowing validators to not depend only on the car and the track.
In the Engine Control Unit SW development cycle, real track testing is still required, but with HiL you limit the testing part to the point of a final check only for most of the functions.

Team responsibilities:

  • To develop, integrate, validate and document complete vehicle models used for HiL testing purposes.
  • To define the characteristics of HIL simulations, develop HiL test scenarios, validating vehicle control strategies and hardware on HiL, to analyze test data and create test reports in collaboration with Powertrain Software Engineers.
  • To design, debug HiL I/O circuits and wiring harnesses used to interface HIL simulator hardware with the Electronic Control Unit tested (Engine Control Unit, Transmission Control Unit)


Our client benefits from fast ramp-up, cost optimization and a team that works remote to create a safer and cheaper way to test new vehicles.


  •     Matlab / Simulink
  •     AMESim  
  •     Tortoise (SVN)            
  •     dSpace Control DESK
  •     NI Test Stand
  •     ETAS Inca
  •     VECTOR CANalyser
  •     Python, C, VBA




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