Airport Bird Control Application






We have rewritten the entire application from scratch and we also ensured the data migration.
Bird/Wildlife Risk Management Software was designed to assist airports to manage the risk represented by bird/wildlife presence for their activity.
This project was developed following the standard requirements in the industry formulated by ICAO.
The software has built-in bioacoustics capabilities to scare wildlife, log all airport events that involved wildlife, perform runway inspections and advanced reporting capabilities. It integrates with various internal/devices (e.g. bio-acoustics device, camera, GPS). The application it’s capable of working in a completely disconnected environment and map GPS coordinates on a custom airport map.


Project management
Scope definition
Risk evaluation
Change management and impact assessment
Planning and quality assurance

ALTEN - Added Value

The client was able to perform the application maintenance by without our help.
With this new and improved app, the client participated in many showrooms and managed to land new accounts.

Standards and Tools