This sector is constantly changing and always faces new challenges: risk management, transaction methods and protocols, regulatory changes, strong competition in the market, building databases for loyalty, support of bank branches through online banking, and also the need for continuous innovation in financial products and services. In the recent years, the financial-banking market has experienced a major evolution. Numerous IT projects are currently being developed by the most important banking companies on the market to increase operational efficiency, risk management and customer relationship management. This context places ALTEN in significant growth prospects. In the finance and banking sector, ALTEN provides its partners with technological expertise in the development of IT systems and telecommunication networks. ALTEN provides the necessary means to provide consulting and support services in carrying out complete projects in the areas of customer support, software development (.NET, J2EE, PHP), testing (TRA), and application maintenance (TMA). Recently, the importance of the financial-banking sector has been highlighted for the global economy, but also for the development of the economy at national level. The ALTEN Romania team includes consultants who work with the most important clients in the banking, financial and insurance fields. ALTEN Romania consultants intervene in projects developed in these sectors by: Testing: improving the quality of services and products, reducing time to market, as well as risks and costs; Support: helpdesk, incident management, situations, changes and standby; Software development: development of web applications and business software tools; Cross-functional counseling and telecommunications services: telephony, contact centers, IP, and secure networks.


The telecommunications sector is facing an unprecedented period of transformation under the combined effect of new service providers, as well as due to the explosion of data needs that require modern and demand-driven global networks. The technology challenges and infrastructure implementation needs are considerable, starting with the implementation of 5G networks and equipment. Moreover, issues related to interoperability between operator networks, offloading between radio and Wi-Fi networks and the development of new services will be key development steps that the Telecom sector must meet in the coming years. Thus, development requirements appear in all fields, from the design and testing of products and equipment, to the control of network development, activities in which ALTEN Romania is successfully involved, through the team of consultants specialized in telecommunications. Through consultants in this segment, ALTEN supports its partners involved in any direction of activity within the industry. Through its strong position in several European countries and in the USA, complemented by the competitive advantage of nearshore and offshore development platforms, ALTEN defines itself as an European organization dedicated to supporting the growth of Telecom operators and suppliers.


A leader in innovation, the automotive sector has made significant contributions to the development of new technologies over the last 20 years to improve vehicle performance, comfort, and safety, as well as new project methodologies to streamline quality, cost and delivery times. We are constantly adapting to help our automotive partners successfully meet the challenges of performance, safety, productivity, compliance, and quality, adapting to the needs of the international market and developing communication and control systems. ALTEN is involved in the development projects of its partners in the following sectors of activity: Mechanical engineering: design, tools, and calculation methods; Electronics and Electrical Engineering: component design and development, integration, validation, and reliability; Embedded software: architecture, development, testing, integration, documentation, maintenance, and reliability; Vehicle engineers: design and development of major components, functional design, project management, supplier management, diagnosis, and reliability assurance; Assuring the quality of the process and the product: supplier-customer management, process, and product quality; Logistics: supply chain.


In the aeronautic sector, ALTEN implements a whole range of engineering experience throughout the product life cycle. ISO 14001 certified, with an assessment of the maturity of the CMMI – SVC level 3 project methodologies, ALTEN has multiple operational advantages in the aeronautical field: Increased capacity to mobilize resources and engage in projects with standardized processes and tools; Recognized expertise in specialized areas such as weight and poor manufacturing management, and satellite integration; Cross-functional support for decision makers both in the development and design of complex systems and in inter-departmental business functions (quality, PMO, PLM, etc.); Ability to take over in transnational projects (Europe and India).



Accelerated by a growing demand for mobility for users, the multimedia industry is always in a stage of development. Digitalization of content, expansion of social networks, development of connectivity and mobility, research in the field of products and new services, all these aspects determine companies to adapt their business model: finding new sources of income, understanding user habits and characteristics, development and enrichment content, obtaining real time of reaction, constant production of new media content. To cope with these changes, ALTEN supports its customers throughout the operational chain of the sector: equipment suppliers, manufacturers, software publishers, public institutions, digital agencies, media / web distributors and publishers, etc.


Scientific research in medicines and vaccines is the main challenge to meet the needs of patients and professionals in the field. The pharmaceutical sector remains a very competitive market due to the growth of emerging markets and investments in research and development allows it to maintain a competitive advantage. The pharmaceutical sector is being transformed under the influence of technological progress and the digital revolution. The digitization of the patient-physician relationship is now at an early stage. This sector is constantly developing and integrating new technologies to better diagnose and monitor the evolution of patients. Their purpose is to simplify the patients’ life and facilitate the exchange of information between them and the doctor. ALTEN supports pharmaceutical companies and leaders in medical imaging in the industrialization and development of these innovative solutions.