EMS – Extended Messaging Server


Banking, Finance & Insurance




We came up with a solution called Extended Messaging Server (EMS). EMS can handle a huge number of messages, while keeping the costs under control.
Our solution integrates with the clients' CRM workflow via Web Services and it provides status to know if the SMS has reached its destination and when.
EMS offers automated and manual management of the blacklist of numbers (wrong or inaccessible numbers), in order to reduce costs and to allow recipient database cleaning.
With EMS, messages are highly customized, and the application can be fully configured to perform any kind of campaign. EMS supports long SMS messages, up to 2000 characters.
If the recipient’s phone is switched off or unreachable, the SMS is cached up to 48 hours for delivery (if the operator supports this feature).

ALTEN - Added Value

The client can now avoid sending messages to numbers that did not receive them repeatedly and he can evaluate the costs up-front, before running the campaign.

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