Portal Redesign for Tour Operator


Retail & Consumer Services




Initially, the client contracted us for bug fixing for an online portal. After gaining the client’s trust, we continued our collaboration with the redesign of the portal that deals with reservations, flight tickets, hotels, and holidays.
The ALTEN KEPLER team consisted of 3 developers and a Project Manager, who redesigned the portal at the interface level, in order for it to be responsive and user friendly. After this stage, the client has asked us to add new functionalities to the portal. This stage of the project was carried out in close contact with the client through the Agile working method.
Subsequently, our team was delegated to ensure the portal's maintenance and support.


Software development

ALTEN - Added Value

Thanks to the user-friendly design and the responsiveness of the portal, our client noticed a considerable increase in the number of visitors on the site, which also led to a sales growth.

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