Our colleague Dan has been working on the project for one of ALTEN Romania's clients for 2 years, and since January he has been working for the Precast project for Revit, Revit being the most important application in terms of construction details. Dan is part of a team called Impaler, along with 3 other developers, 2 QAs and a Project Owner.

The working methodology is agile ash.

Revit is a modeling and detailing application for constructions that belongs to the concrete structure part. For this application the team develops various Add-ins, one of them being Precast. It shapes various elements of a construction and divides them into smaller pieces that can be cast in the factory and then transported and assembled on site.

Basically, a detailer makes the construction project, then selects the elements he wants cast in the factory and uses the add-in options. It takes into account windows, doors, certain preset sizes, weight and other such elements.

Elements supported by Precast are: Solid walls, Solid slabs, Hollow core slabs, Girder slabs.

Once the model is ready, the architect exports certain files from the application in 3-4 Cam Expert formats, and they arrive at the factory, where they are inserted into a machine to continue the process. At the same time, the application produces some drawings, called shop drawings, which help those at the factory and on site for assembly, each item resulting from the process being numbered as such.

Dan really appreciates the team he belongs to and he likes that his activity has an applicability in everyday life, that he works on a practical application, which has the role of facilitating the work of other people.

One of the challenges was the geometry part, since he hadn't practiced it since high school.