Reaching over 1,000 consultants in Romania,
The ALTEN Group has opened a new headquarters in Bucharest
With a solid base of operations in Romania, the ALTEN Group inaugurated today, April 24, its new headquarters in the most recent non-residential project in the north of Bucharest, OREGON Park, an eco-friendly, well-located building with an excellent public transport connection, allowing easy access for its employees.

ALTEN is a world-class group and has a firm commitment to invest in Romania. With its unique position as a world leader in engineering and technical consulting, its employees have the skills and expertise to cover the entire development cycle and provide a wide range of services, from technical consulting to project outsourcing services.

"Since we started the activity in Romania, the high quality expertise offered by the local team has proved to be excellent due to the technical skills of our consultants. Now, we have strengthened our position, covering all technologies and providing high level technical expertise to our clients. over 1,000 consultants in 6 cities across the country. Our intention is to keep this commitment firm and reach 1,500 consultants in the next 2 or 3 years, "said Simon Azoulay, CEO of ALTEN.

Present on the Romanian market since 2006, the ALTEN Group reached 1,000 consultants at the end of 2017. In October 2016, ALTEN Group also acquired the local software company Kepler-Rominfo. In the last two years, ALTEN has consolidated and structured the company's sustainable presence in Romania, by opening new offices in Iași - Nicolina Business Center and Bucharest - OREGON Park and Sema Parc. In OREGON Park, the company will occupy 2,600 square meters in a building that has been designed to provide high standards and efficient office space, with an emphasis on low energy consumption.

"The investment in the new headquarters was a natural step for our company, as we are proud to invest in our local teams, starting with the hiring process, the ongoing learning and development program with local and international trainers and the All our employees, through the ALTEN Group career management system, in this way and through these investments, we can constantly support the innovative projects of our clients, and here in Romania, we work with state-of-the-art technologies in the automotive, aeronautics and IT sectors. ", said Axel Girardetti, ALTEN Director for Central and Eastern Europe.