In the last years, the recruitment process has become much more complex as a result of globalization and digitization. As a result, when you apply for a technical position, you will have to pass a technical interview that differs from other types of interviews. While the competency-based interview there are evaluated aspects related to personal skills and abilities, the technical interview focuses on the technical skills acquired in previous projects.

So what is the technical interview?

As we say, the technical interview is a job interview for a position related to the technology industry. It can take place over the phone, face to face or online and can vary in length from an hour to the whole day.

"Questions" in a technical interview can have different forms:

  • Tasks and proficiency tests;

  • Questions specific to the role / position;

  • About tools and technologies;

  • Work methodology;

  • Exceptional situations at work and how they were overcome.

Depending on the client or project, you can also receive an online test before the technical discussion.

12 tips & tricks to ace the Technical Interview

If you are preparing to apply for a position within ALTEN Romania, it is good to know that before the technical interview you will receive a document (job description) that clearly specifies the essential requirements of the position, the duties of the position, the responsibilities and the skills necessary to fulfill a certain role.

How to successfully pass this stage:

  1. Prepare concrete examples from your recurring activity.

  2. Be prepared for questions related to the technical test that can start the technical discussion.

  3. Be informed about the company / company profile and make sure you are aware of it outside of the scope of the role you are applying for.

  4. Emphasize the relevant experience to the role and the client (business, technologies, tools used, etc.).

  5. Ask questions to start an active conversation, a dialogue with the interviewer.

  6. Listen actively and do not interrupt the interviewer. Answer the questions after the interviewer has finished communicating his idea.

  7. Be transparent: Don't forget to mention that you haven't worked with a certain technology before, or that you've worked more or less with it.

  8. If there are technologies you have not worked with before, prepare yourself conceptually to understand how they work, why they are used and why they are preferred by the client.

  9. Avoid using "I don't know", rather answer with an explanation.

  10. Make sure you are in a proper environment for the technical interview. Don't support it from the car, the bus or the street - this also applies to online interviews.

  11. Make sure your microphone and camera are working and you have a good internet connection.

  12. Provide details about the implemented projects with a focus on the implementation logic for each individual component.

During the technical interview, the interviewer assesses your technical knowledge and skills as they are strictly related to the position you are applying for. But, in addition to evaluate the technical knowledge, the interviewer will seek to discover what is your thought process when solving various problems, but also how you can fit into the company's culture.

Recently, employers appreciate not only the number of years of experience in a technology, but also the quality and complexity of the projects in which you have been involved. For this reason, we recommend that you update your portfolio with all the projects you have been involved in recently.

At the same time, another element that makes the difference between potential job candidates is the part of soft skills. Employers prefer people who easily integrate into the team and who are flexible enough in terms of the technologies used.

In conclusion, take into account the advice received above and try to constantly improve your skills. Getting your dream job means going through several stages, including the technical interview. Make time to prepare for each interview you're going to attend, prepare your portfolio and brush up on the technicalities. This way you will be closer to getting the job you want.

Take a look at the available roles within ALTEN Romania and maybe we will see soon for an interview.