#insidealten: About balance in personal and professional life with Bianca Andrei

If you have read the stories submitted so far by our colleagues from  ALTEN Romania, we invite you to discover the continuation of the Share your ALTEN Story project.

Another colleague from the ALTEN Romania team who responded positively to the challenge to share her story is Bianca Andrei, mechanical design engineer in the IAO technical support team. Are you ready to discover her story in the following lines?

Bianca attended the Faculty of Product and Environmental Design, the "Industrial Design" section at Transylvania University in Brasov. Her hobbies include reading, hiking and swimming.


How did the ALTEN România's Story start for you?

„The ALTEN Romania's recruitment process was quick and transparent. The manager was there for me from the very beginning, explaining every detail of the job I was going to do.

My teammates helped me settle in and familiarize myself with the technologies I'm still working on today. This is the first long-term job in a multinational company.”

What does the ALTEN experience mean to you?

„For me, the ALTEN experience means development both personally and professionally. For example, on a personal level, I was able to become more empathetic and developed my communication and relationship skills.

Professionally, I have improved my ability to solve problems because of the calls I have with users. I also improved my knowledge of the French language during the language courses offered by the company, as well as my technical skills working with 3D programs.”


„The opportunity offered by ALTEN appeared in my life at the right time, almost a year ago, because I wanted a job in design, in a technical field. I choose ALTEN because it allows me a balance between work and personal life.

If Bianca's story has inspired you and you want to join a company where "with the right questions you can't go wrong in what you do because the team is there for you as long as you are with the team", access the website www.careers.altenromania.ro, see the available roles and apply to the one that suits you. You will have the chance, in your turn, to inspire future successful people!

Stay tuned! There are other stories of colleagues ready to share their professional journey within ALTEN Romania.