#insidealten: ALTEN Romania - a company where you can assert yourself as an individual, Cosmina Pascu

The Share your ALTEN story project moves for a few minutes to the recruitment department to let you know the career and success story of Cosmina Pascu.

Out of passion for human resources, Cosmina Pascu joined the ALTEN Romania team in February 2022, and currently is IT Recruitment Specialist.

Get ready to discover her story in the following lines.

How did the ALTEN România's Story start for you?

"When I decided to join the ALTEN Romania team, I had to adapt to the outsourcing environment, which can be quite challenging for a recruiter. I say challenging because the environment exposes you to different stakeholders with various seniorities and cultures that basically forces you to fit into each role individually and challenges you to be open to new experiences.

However, I had a warm #WelcomeHome, with mentors with whom I drew up a plan of attack on which my training was based. Afterwards, I outlined a Career Path that would take me exactly to the point I want in my career. Thus, I managed to settle in from the first month, when I already got my first job."

What does the ALTEN experience mean to you?

"For me, the ALTEN Romania experience means passion, creativity, professionalism and openness to new experiences.

It is the context where you can assert yourself as an individual, where you can have an impact, you can come up with new ideas for change even if you are a newcomer and you will receive encouragement and support not only from the team, but even from your manager."


"One of the aspects that I appreciate most about ALTEN, and by which the company manages to differentiate itself from the other companies I have collaborated with, is the fact that ALTEN is a global company with an entrepreneurial spirit.

In other words, we work as if we were building our own company, and we as individuals truly have the ability to make an impact and make a difference. We really work as a global team with global visibility.”

In conclusion, Cosmina conveys the fact that "At ALTEN, no idea is wrong." On the contrary, the company supports the creative process of each individual. We like to have passionate, motivated people with us who enjoy working in a dynamic, ever-changing and ever-growing environment."

As you can see, just like the story of Tudor, Bianca or Raluca, Cosmina's story is also about the people who make up the ALTEN Romania collective. If you found inspiration in the story above and you want to join a company with "passionate and motivated colleagues who work in a dynamic environment", enter the website www.careers.altenromania.ro, see the available roles and apply to the one that suits you.

You can, in turn, inspire future successful people!

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