#insidealten: Implementation of mobile solutions in a team of dedicated people with Tudor Octavian

The Share your ALTEN story project, created with the aim of highlighting the successful career stories of the company's employees, continues with a new story. This time the story is told by one of our colleagues who is specialist in iOS Development.

Tudor Ana is part of the ALTEN Romania team and he also responded with a big YES to the challenge to share his experience and the story of his professional career within ALTEN. Tudor is Senior iOS Developer and invites you to discover his story in the lines below.

How did the ALTEN România's Story start for you?

„I'm part of the ALTEN Romania team since February 2020 and I joined the company as a senior iOS Developer. Among my responsibilities is the implementation of mobile solutions in the many projects that we have both nationally and internationally.”

What does the ALTEN experience mean to you?

The ALTEN experience meant pushing my limits for me, while interacting with colleagues on the communication side was extremely enjoyable. Not only that I had the opportunity to work with dedicated people, but I learned a lot about teamwork and how to improve by learning from others.


„I choose ALTEN because only here I found the friendly environment and the projects that allow you to implement the latest technologies in the iOS area.”

If the stories of Alexandra, Aura or the story of Tudor have inspired you and you want to join a company where "you have the opportunity to implement technologies and evolve by learning from others", access the website www.careers.altenromania.ro, see the available roles and apply to the one that sounds interesting to you.

You will have the chance, in your turn, to inspire future successful people!

There are other stories of colleagues ready to share their professional journey within ALTEN Romania. Are you ready to read them?