#insidealten: The importance of the team and of the professional development within an IT company with Raluca

The career and success stories of a company's employees deserve to be heard. With this thought in mind the project Share your ALTEN Story was born. This time, the story is told from within the Business Development department.

Raluca-Ana-Maria Nicoară is part of the ALTEN Romania's team, she is Business Development Manager and responded positively to the challenge to share her experience and the story of her professional career within ALTEN.

For the beginning, it is important to mention that Raluca interest in professional development is obvious, as evidenced by the double license she holds. She attended the courses of the Academy of Economic Studies in Bucharest, which she completed with a degree in International Economic Relations but also she attended the courses of the Nicolae Titulescu University, which she completed with a degree in Law. However, Raluca's educational journey did not end here, he also obtained a master's degree in Leadership and Human Resource Management.

Even though she was always paid attention to the professional side of her life, she did not neglect her free time either. IShe is mainly interested in music, sports, reading, video games and traveling.

We invite you to discover Raluca's story within ALTEN Romania.

How did the ALTEN România's story start for you?

„I started my career in ALTEN Romania as a Junior Business Development Manager, later promoting to the next level where I am currently.

From the point of view of my experience in the recruitment and selection process, I can say that I felt that each interviewer was looking for the potential of each candidate, beyond the actual experience accumulated up to that point. Personally, I went through three stages of recruitment, from recruiter to division manager. During the interview, the time passed very quickly and pleasantly, I didn't feel the need to look at the clock on the wall at any moment.

Within ALTEN Romania you can find support in every department where you need help. In my case, the biggest contribution comes from the coach, because this person keeps track of the evolution of each individual employee.

What does the ALTEN experience mean to you?

„The ALTEN experience is a combination of factors that make me always charge my batteries for the day ahead. For me, the most valuable aspect in the company is the team. Colleagues are open, positive and most importantly, we have something to learn from each other.

Personally, within ALTEN I learned to surpass myself and thus get out of my comfort zone.


„I choose ALTEN because it is a company that focuses on employee development, and here I am referring to aspects related to the professional plan.

I wanted a challenging work environment that would offer me the ideal context for continuous development, and at least in the business department, where I wanted to start a new chapter, I found this environment.

In addition to these benefits, I find it absolutely brilliant the fact that you have people who believe in you and they are with you throughout your professional journey.

If Raluca's, Alexandra's, Aura's or Tudor's stories have inspired you and you want to join a company where "your professional development is treated as a priority", access the website www.careers.altenromania.ro, see the available roles and apply to the one that sounds interesting to you.

You will have the chance, in your turn, to inspire future successful people!

There are other stories of colleagues ready to share their professional journey within ALTEN Romania. Are you ready to read them?