Our new promise: "Building Tomorrow's World Today"

"This statement reinforces our vision. We want to bring us together around what unites us: high standards, passion, agility, and ambition. We strive to promote our experience, our expertise, and our environmental and social commitments to support our customers' and partners' technological development in a sustainable way." Sandrine Antignat, Director of Communications.


We are builders

As a world leader in engineering and IT services, we support companies in their technology and sustainability transformations. Our 54,000 employees in more than 30 countries serve all sectors in industry and IT services. At ALTEN, we are convinced that engineers are the architects who are building tomorrow's world today.


We are both engineers and entrepreneurs

We foster a dual culture of engineering and entrepreneurship, in all its aspects. We are guided by our business's economic performance and driven by the social, societal, and environmental impact of our actions. We are both stable, supported by a large and trusted group, and agile, like a start-up. At ALTEN, we are an open house that leverages our expanding knowledge to amplify our expertise.


Here, anything is possible

We believe that innovation only makes sense if it has a positive impact over time and on people. We invest in research and innovation programmes to stay one step ahead. We are committed to making a positive impact on our partner companies' futures, on our talents' careers, and on societal and environmental challenges.


We are a company that is thinking of the future, today

We work for the biggest companies at the heart of technological innovation and digital transformation. At the heart of an aircraft, in the heart of a hospital patient, and at the heart of society, we are convinced that technology has the power to improve the future. At ALTEN, we are making a positive impact on the future.

We are the Home of the dedicated.

We are the Home for learning and growing.

We are Home of endless possibilities.

We are the Home for those who are building tomorrow's world today.

Ready to take up the challenge? Join us!